Celebrating Spring

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Spring is always a wonderful time to notice and observe the changes taking place around us.

We have also thought about growth, attempting to grow cress and plants from seeds and bulbs, learning about and ‘caring for’ soft and toy animals, as well as handling and looking closely at real creatures we have found in the garden. The children also requested our hospital enhancement basket which developed into a full hospital role-play area with the children thinking about our own bodies, looking after ourselves and looking after each other.

Finally we were able to use our Easter week to think about new life and lifecycles before finishing off with our End of Term Party and Easter Egg Hunt (in the snow!!).

World Book Day

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World Book day is always an exciting opportunity to develop our love of literacy. We enjoyed various stories and books including factual and social stories throughout the week. We have also provided props and resources to support and encourage story telling in play.

New year – being healthy and happy.

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The children were particularly keen to explore our Doctor and Hospital Enhancement baskets, turning the entire home corner into a hospital area, and extending their play into other areas creating beds and offering ‘treatment’ to children and staff throughout the setting.

We are looking forward to following this up over the next few weeks as we think about germs and avoiding them, and making healthy choices including eating healthily and looking after our teeth.