Our Pre-School Staff

We are fortunate to have a fantastic team of caring and dedicated staff who are responsible for the day to
day running of the Pre-School. All members of staff have Safeguarding, First Aid, and Food Hygiene
Certification. Most of the team have been trained in British Sign Language and have received STEPs
training (Hertfordshire’s Behaviour Strategy).




Tina Downing – Pre-School Leader

Tina has been with us since 2008 as our Pre-School Leader, she has a Foundation Degree in Early
Years Practice. Tina is one of the designated persons for Safeguarding children. Tina is also an accredited
Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator and our ‘Autism Lead’ for the local area.
Tina initiates and organises the daily programme of activities at the Pre-School, monitoring the quality of
teaching and charting the developmental progress of the children. She is responsible for the health, safety
and wellbeing of the children, as well as our short and long-term planning. She also supervises all staff and
liaises with Therfield First School and the Pre-School Committee.

Natalie Hunn – Pre-School Deputy Leader

Natalie, is a highly valued and respected member of our local community as well as our team and has been
working for the Pre-School since 2005, she has also completed her Cache Level 3 Diploma. Natalie
is also a designated person for safeguarding children, as well as our ‘Narrowing The Gap’ lead ensuring
high goals and aspirations for all children.

Pre-School Assistant

Our Pre-School assistants help with planning and setting up various activities. They act as a key person to
a group of children while liaising closely with their parents/carers to ensure that everyone is happy with
their time at Pre-School.


Aline Hanrahan – Pre-School Assistant

Aline joined us in February 2014 when she moved to the village. Aline has successfully completer her
Skills first Level 2 Certificate for the Children and Young People Workforce (QCF).



Sue Hamilton – Pre-School Assistant

Sue was employed as Bank Staff but in September 2014 she became a permanent member of staff. She is
a former parent and committee member and an experienced foster carer. She has successfully completed
her Skills first Level 2 Certificate for the Children and Young People Workforce (QCF).



Dunja Starc – Pre-School Assistant

Dunja Starc has already proved a huge asset to pre-school, a mum of 2 who joined us in the Autumn 2020.







Nic Drew – Pre-School Assistant

Nic Drew our newest addition to the team, previously a paediatric nurse who is passionate and committed to achieving the best for each and every child that joins us.