Owls club runs every Monday afternoon in the summer term after the Easter holidays. This is an optional extra session for the rising fives in preparation for becoming “school ready”. The children experience a full school day from 9:30am till 3:00pm. Curriculum based activities are introduced in a more focused environment. The session begins with a register and jolly-phonics. The children have the opportunity to participate in maths, literacy, and social games. We also liaise closely with local schools and have visits from Reception teachers.

Session Routine

13.30 – Carpet time, sitting in our own space, who is here today, during today’s Owls Club we are…


13.40 – Jolly Jingles



13.50 – Finding our name at 1 of the available stations, rotating around the 3 stations on the sound of the buzzer


Station 1              Maths games and activities





Station 2              Literacy games and activities






Station 3              Fine motor choice activities





14.20 – Heavy work: developing our teamwork, social skills, gross motor skills and sense of achievement

(These activities develop strength and proprioception, bilateral coordination, mid-line crossing and fine motor skills)





14.35 – ERIC (Everybody Reads In Class) time, variety of style and type of books with time for children to explore, discuss and ‘read’ to themselves and each other





14.45 – Snack time – helping ourselves to a piece of fruit, pouring our own drinks





14.50 – Story time and preparing ourselves for the home time including selecting our reading book and phonics home learning sheets