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Curiosity leading to creativity.

By May 28, 2019February 6th, 2020Blog

We finished this half term by removing pre-made and plastic toys, providing instead boxes, materials, natural and heuristic resources and the time and space needed for the children to explore the resources freely, creating, constructing and developing imaginative play.

Just some of the creativity we saw this week:

“I made a see-saw” – Amber sitting on a cardboard tube.

“I’m collecting the eggs” – Annie with a basket of stones.

“This is going to be a bed” – Larissa with a box and blanket.

“We’re opening a treasure chest” – Max making holes in a box with scissors.

“I am a robot” – Annie, Jack, Patrick, Larissa, Lacey and Lydia taking turns to move around in a large cardboard box.

“This is a birthday present for the mayor” – Sam and Annie sellotaping play dough inside a box.

Our screens became a spaceship, boxes in the garden became a train, smaller boxes became a book, a pumpkin, a tractor, a dinosaur, a caterpillar and a combine harvester.

We can’t wait to see where the children’s imagination will take us during our final half term.

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