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By September 19, 2018November 19th, 2018Blog

Our first priority in a new school year is getting to know the children, and supporting them as they get to know each other.  We used our circle time to encourage the children to share details about life outside of pre-school.

The children enjoyed using our whiteboards to create a representation of their homes, which led to the use of lots of mathematical language linked to shape and number – although the best bit was of course wiping out the pictures and starting again!

We then used our small sorting toys to add members of our family, pets, vehicles at home, favourite food etc.

Bella    “My daddy and mummy and my baby”

Constance   “This is my daddy, this is me, this is my mummy”

Raf   “I got a cat and a baby and a mummy and a daddy and Reggie and I got a grandma”

Annie   “Daddy, mumma, granny, grandpa, we’ve been on 2 boats”

Max   “My daddy flies an aeroplane, mummy, daddy, nanny, Izzy, me”

Sam   “I’ve got a doggy, I live at my new house now”

Orson   “My daddy drives a car, it’s outside my house, this is my mummy, that’s my daddy, I want to pretend this is my dog Jarvis”

– Tina

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