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By February 26, 2018March 4th, 2018Blog

This week’s outdoor provision reflected our theme of being unique and also mirrored the children’s understanding of the world with the arrival of snow. We discussed¬†being as unique as a snowflake. The children used their fine motor skills to decorate snowflakes using cotton buds in paint. They caught real snowflakes on their tongues. The children explored capacity¬†when pouring coloured liquids into frozen glasses. They extended this activity later on in the week by initiating mixing sand and ice.

“Good work ____ I’m impressed with that”

“How will we melt it?”

“We are pouring”

“It’s so cold”

“I can tip this into yours if you want”

“Can I have a bottle? That one please”

“We are making potions”

– Natasha

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