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Outdoor Provision

By January 26, 2018Blog
We aim to provide quality learning and deliver the curriculum in our outdoor provision. Some children prefer to learn outdoors and under EYFS guidelines we ensure continuous provision in all weathers when it is safe to do so.
Some of the resources we provide are linked to our themed planning and some are in the moment and weather dependent. In some of our outdoor play experiences, we use elements of indoor resourcing. These act as a familiar
‘bridge’ that allow children to initially access familiar equipment that will lead them to explore other skills. We develop their understanding of the world, for example, by adding small world resources to natural elements e.g princesses in the snow or dinosaurs in a muddy swamp. Exploring the natural world also includes planting and caring for our tyre and wellies miniature gardens.
Outdoor learning also enables the children to have different opportunities than inside. Vestibular and proprioceptive sensory activities require gross motor skills. These activities, such as sweeping the floor or painting the fence develop and strengthen the muscles needed for writing later on. We recognise each child’s individual needs as being unique and an increased or decreased diet of sensory experiences can support all of our children’s learning and development.
Please keep an eye on the blog for further examples of our outdoor play experiences and provision over the forthcoming year.

– Natasha

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