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Pencil Cases

By July 11, 2017July 16th, 2017Blog
This week we are focusing on going to big school, so we thought the children would enjoy making their very own personalised pencil cases.
We started by taking turns going around the circle, choosing which prepared material template with coloured button we would like. We had several coloured buttons to choose from, some were matt coloured, shiny or even sparkly and decorative.
Once we had our template we decorated our pencil case using felt tips and sparkly foam letters.
Each child used a stapler with an adult to turn the material into a pocket, pushing down hard to join the material together. Then they turned the pencil case inside out. The tricky bit was to find where to cut a button hole with scissors.
Each child finished their pencil cases, some had their names across the front, some drawings of their family and some were covered in a beautiful pattern of rainbow colours.
The children were so excited to fill their pencil cases so we found some spare pencils to put inside.
We were very happy to see some of the pencil cases come back into pre-school the following day as the children were so proud of their final product!

– Aline

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