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Kind Words

By July 12, 2017July 13th, 2017Blog

Wrinkled Heart:

As a group exercise, we discussed and shared kind words and unkind words in a safe environment. I screwed up a large heart as we said unkind words. The children were sad to see that I couldn’t smooth all of the wrinkles out and I explained that once we have said unkind words it is very difficult to take them back. The children contributed their experiences and ideas of how it feels inside when someone has used unkind words. They were very keen to “help heal the broken heart” with plasters. The heart was displayed as a visual aid to prompt the use of kind words in the setting.

Bruised apples:

We passed a shiny red apple around the circle. The children were gently supported to say an unkind word to the apple. Another apple was then circulated and the children were encouraged to take turns in saying a kind word. I cut the apples open and revealed that the apple they had said kind words to was intact and healthy. The apple they had said unkind words to was bruised and discoloured. We discussed how punching hitting and kicking can hurt on the outside where you can see, but unkind words can hurt on the inside.

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” Mother Teresa

– Natasha

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