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Dental Health Experiment

By July 6, 2017July 13th, 2017Blog

As a whole group, we began our experiment by preparing it at yesterday’s register. As a large group, the children took turns in selecting a liquid to place an egg. We talked about the egg representing a tooth and wondered what would happen the next day. The children made predictions and hypothesised the effects of the liquids:

Orange Juice:

“It will turn a bit crispy” – Finn

“It will turn to blue” – Thomas B.

“It will pop” – Thomas N.

“It will crack” – Ophelia

“It will make the tooth dirty” – Monty

“It will go crinkly” – Jonathan

“It will go orange” – William


“The teeth will go black” – Finn

“Turn salty” – Thomas B.

“It will pop” – Thomas N.

“It will turn into water” – Jonathan

“It will turn green” – William


“It’s going to turn green” – Finn

“Turn orange” – Thomas B.

“Bang!” – Thomas N.

“It will stay as an egg” – Jonathan

“The tooth will crack” – Barnaby

“It will crack and then it will melt” – William


“It will change to something” – Finn

“It will go pop” – Thomas N.

“It will turn white” – Jonathan

“It will turn white” – William

We began our Owl’s Guided session with a body reflex game, supported by the book ‘Why I Sneeze, Shiver, Hiccup, and Yawn’. The children explored a range of reflexes using their whole bodies. They played close attention when mirroring the actions, naming the body parts that moved and identifying the body reflex.

The owls observed and explored the eggs using their senses. We discussed the eggs representing teeth and the effects the liquids had had on them. The children’s observations included:


“It was soft” – Finn

“It was cold” – Alfred

“It’s OK” – Thomas N.

“Crack” – Ophelia

“Nothing” – Monty

“A little bit cracked” – Jonathan

“It feels warm” – Harry

“I think it might get a bit fizzy” – William


“It was smelly” – Finn

“It broke” – Alfred

“It looks not healthy” – Thomas B.

“Cracked” – Thomas N.

“All skin” – Ophelia

“Cracked it” – Monty

“Made it not healthy” – Jonathan

“It was breaking” – Harry

Orange Juice:

“It gone a bit browny” – Finn

“It broke” – Alfred

“It feels squashy inside” – Thomas B.

“Cracked and popped” – Thomas N.

“It’s fell off” – Ophelia

“You can peel the skin it off” – Jonathan

“It was cold” – Harry

We carefully used toothbrushes and toothpaste to clean the teeth and observe the effects further. We estimated why things had happened to the eggs and what would happen if we brushed them:

“Because it was a bit dirty” – Finn

“Because it cracked” – Alfred

“I brushed it to make it clean” – Monty

“Because it’s healthy” – Jonathan

“Because if you use water and toothpaste it can get cleaner than just rubbing” – William

– Natasha

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