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Young Scientists

By June 23, 2017June 25th, 2017Blog

This morning our Owls entered into the world of science. Before we started our experiment the owls all chose to wear protective gloves. There were some very helpful lab technicians handing out the different equipment and materials to their peers.

Our owls very carefully measured out the following materials:

  • white vinegar,
  • powder paint,
  • sparkles,
  • washing up liquid
  • bicarbonate of soda

After each material was added the owls observed the chemical reaction, the smells and the colour.

“It smells funny.”

There was a lot of excitement as the mixture started to froth and bubble over the cups.

“It’s shaking like an earthquake!” Was one observation.

Another was; “It looks like Coke.”

The Owls kept stirring and adding materials to extend the experiment.

“I’ve made a volcano.”

After the children had finished their experiments they then recorded their results in a drawing.

– Sue

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