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Sandwich Making

By June 30, 2017July 13th, 2017Blog
During ‘healthy eating’ week the Owls were set the task of making a healthy sandwich.
Before the task the owls filled out graphs recording what their favourite sandwiches are.
This task gave us the opportunity to discuss hygienic routines such as: washing hands before cooking and putting aprons on.
The owls were then ready to select and start preparing the vegetables for their sandwiches.
Using knives the owls chopped and sliced their vegetables. We talked about knife safety and the correct way to behave when using them and why.
‘Knives are very sharp and will cut you. ‘
Once the vegetables had been prepared and washed the Owls used a sequencing sheet to make their sandwiches.
We discussed shapes and fractions.
The Owls shared their sandwiches with the Fledgelings at snack time.

– Sue

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