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Owls Challenge – Sensory Bottles

By May 5, 2017May 14th, 2017Blog

This week’s Owls Challenge has been to bring in Sensory Bottles from home to share with each other. Here are a selection from our talented Owls.

Georgia – “It’s from the woods. Leaves, sticks, and pinecones, and stones, and a shell. We went to the woods.”

Finn – “The rocks are the same colours as my clothes. They are blue and grey, and this one’s green. They’re special ones. If the rocks are buried deep down, they turn into skeletons. Look it’s got a skeleton in there.”

Sienna – “It’s got oil in it. Look what happens if you shake it. It’s got sparklesĀ and look a bead at the bottom. It’s two colours.”

Thomas – “It’s got grass and soil from Daddy’s garden.”


Other sharing included an antler from Sienna (as we are learning about large animals). We even had chocolate with MondrianĀ art on it (our artist of the week).

Ophelia – “It’s from Mummy’s hotel.”

– Natasha

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