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Owls Challenge – Mystery Boxes

By May 12, 2017May 14th, 2017Blog

We would like to ask all of the Owls to make a Mystery box (small cardboard box/tissue box/baby wipe plastic container), decorated and labelled if you wish. Owls can select 1 item of interest to go inside their box. Using 1 or 2 clues (written down and stuck inside/underneath so that we can help them to remember) they can see if their peers can guess their item. Can we please ask that you avoid children’s ‘toys’ as the item as these can lead to upset when it is time to put our ‘sharing’ away. We can’t wait to find out ‘what’s inside the mystery box’.

Clues included:

“A building with a big light at the top.”

“You find them by the sea. They help boats.”

“Shiny and copper coloured and a circle.”

“We love to pop bubbles made of plastic.”

“Inside is a story about an animal which has a bushy tail. There are three farmers who try to capture this animal.”

Can you guess?

– Natasha

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