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Dinosaurs in the supermarket by Timothy Knapman and Sara Warburton

By May 12, 2017May 14th, 2017Blog

The children chose to learn about dinosaurs this week. The grand finale to an exciting week was Sue’s multi-sensory story.

There are dinosaurs in the supermarket!

Look, they’re everywhere!

If only grown-ups noticed them, they’d get a frightful scare.

There’s T.rex gobbling sausages…

Stegosaurus spilling beans…

Apatosaurs chucking frozen peas

Are filling the isles with greens!

There are dinosaurs in the supermarket!

But when I tell my Mum, they hide until she looks away…


And then…

Right back they come!

Ankylosaurus and his trolley crash into all those cans.

The pterosaurs go flying and end up in the flans!


Triceratops squirt chocolate sauce.

Hadrosaurs scoff cake.

Iguanadons chuck toilet rolls.

What a MONSTER MESS they make!

“Our supermarket’s ruined!”

The check-out staff despair.

“The car park’s full of ice cream,

and there’s ketchup everywhere!”

“There are dinosaurs in the supermarket!”

I shout out straight away.

“Look, their custard footprints must be clear as day!”

Must be clear as day!”

“Dinosaurs in the supermarket? Please don’t have us on!”

I point to where I see them…

…But the dinosaurs have gone.

If this goes on much longer, they’ll think that I’m to blame.

So I find those sneaky dinosaurs and say, “Let’s play a game…

…called Supermarket Clean-up.”

I give each one a mop.

They plunge them in the suds and – SPLAT!

They splash and swoosh and slop!

In no time, things are shining bright.

The grown-ups say, “Well done!

This boy here cleaned the supermarket.”

My mum says, “That’s my son!”


They don’t believe it’s true.

…Till hordes of soapy dinosaurs

jump out shouting… “BOO!”

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