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THEME  – GROWING + CHANGING – focusing on ourselves.

Personal, social + emotional – self-care
Communication, language + literacy – reading
Problem solving, reasoning + numeracy –  calculating
Knowledge and understanding of the world – designing + making
Physical development – health + bodily awareness
Creative development –  being creative – responding to experiences and expressing ideas

If any parents feel able to join us for 10-15 mins prior to home time – 12.15 or 1.15 and share details of their career experiences with the children, (props welcome) it would be greatly appreciated – please see Tina.  Don’t forget you can ‘pop’ in Wednesday during our open day to see your child in play if you would like to.   On this day we will be opening the doors for the OWLS at 9.25 for their parents to attend a meeting at ‘big school’.


Home corner –  Home corner with kitchen, living room + baby areas.
Creative  – life size paper chains, pipe cleaner family, hand painting, face portraits, cutting and gluing people pictures
Construction  – new large construction blocks combined with children’s choice, cars and people.
Various  –        quiet book corner with people + multi-cultural puzzles  baby bath, dolls house, farm + animals, cars + garage, laptop, office area, magnets, sorting money, flash cards, play dough, smell and sound blocks, and musical instruments.


Work shop with tools and tool box, measuring equipment, clipboard with plans, mark-making tools.
Free access to large choice bag and choice trolley containing creative, imaginary and physical resources and equipment
Cars and ride on toys, small climbing frame.
Large and small tyres.
Books, cushions and duplo building bricks in sheltered area

Sharing suggestions- baby and family photographs, baby dolls, toys and equipment, books relating to our bodies and how we grow, anything related to parents/various careers.
Please remember that anything that interests your child and that they will enjoy sharing with the other children will be suitable.


Creating a display board and area for work and models to be displayed at home time.
Creating labels for our toy boxes with photographs.
Preparing the lunch area – clean surfaces and equipment, hand washing etc.
Working on calculating skills using food to be shared out equally.
Discussion about healthy lifestyles
Book corner looking at information books and first reading books.


Using a choice board to decide what they would like to do during focus play including outdoor play.
Games that include numbers such as Whats the time Mr wolf, Skittles and hopscotch.
Story corner reading 1-1 and small groups with props, and number songs and rhymes.
Construction activities using wooden blocks.
Looking at the effects on our body of active play such as breathing faster, how to look after ourselves ie rest, healthy eating, hygiene.

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